Re: Equipment from Motorhome

Greg D

Sorry, no. But to a Ham use, I once used the S-meter on a CB as a band
opening meter. Turn the radio to Channel 19, and turn down the volume.
When "the skip comes in", you'll see the S-meter rise with the national
din of trucker talk. Almost as good as VOACAP in predicting band openings.

Greg KO6TH

Gerry - WA6E wrote:

OK - I know this isn't amateur radio equipment but it is pretty close
- at least it involves RF.

Yesterday I removed a CB rig from my motorhome. Previously it
belonged to my father-in-law and I had it in the motorhome for years.
I rarely used it unless I wanted to refresh my truckers vocabulary.
So in order to clear up dash space for more important equipment I took
it out. So now I have this Realistic brand 40 channel CB rig and a
shortened whip antenna that I'm looking to give away for free. It
works fine. Anybody want it?


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