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Joshua -

The three foot firestick will perform as a receiving antenna almost exactly the same as any three foot length of wire. A three foot length of wire without a ground plan will be most sensitive somewhere in the VHF region, depending on impedance matching.

Perhaps for further enlightenment:

"Tell me, Teacher, does the 3-ft Firestick have the Antenna-Nature?"

"The Antenna-Nature rests within all conductors, young padwan, ready to radiate or receive in proportion to electrical charge accelerated over lineal distance."

"But which is the True Path?  That of twists and turns of wire, or is it the Path through space of the superposition of fields of charge moving relativistically?"

"There are many Paths, padwan, and all are True within the appropriate context.  The aperture of the three foot Firestick is relative to its lineal length of three feet.  The electrical load as seen by the transmitter is as a 102 inch whip, but the coiling reduces its bandwidth.  Remember that there is No Free Lunch, and for any antenna design one may choose two, but not all three, of small size, efficiency, and bandwidth."

"But tell me, Teacher, what should I do?"

"Young padwan, keep in mind always your desired wavelength, then go forth and experiment!"

- Jef  N5JEF

On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 9:25 AM Joshua - KK6VHH <besneatte@...> wrote:
it's called a fire stick... about 3 foot long fiberglass pole with a considerable amount of wire wrapped around it and a spring base... like you see on 4x4s

being that it's SDR I can tune to and demodulate most any broadcasted signal... 

CB antenna is just sitting useless, so I am going to give it a try.

KK6VHH - Joshua

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