Re: HF antenna by feeding existing old TV coax shield?

Skip - K6DGW

Sure. I quote the Marconi Principle: "If you can get RF current into a non-buried conductor, it will radiate." How well it radiates is an open question but I use a WOOF antenna at home [Wire On Organic Fence], and it "works" on all bands thru 10. Not as good as the 5 over 5 over 5 over 5 on 15 at W7RN. You may or may not want a transformer at the feed end depending on the band you're on. I'd restrict the power, you may cause some device interference in the house [I flash a touch-lamp on 80 m at 100 W] and you may have to do some work to get RF out of the rig and/or keyer. 73, Fred K6DGW Sparks NV

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