Re: HF antenna by feeding existing old TV coax shield?

Greg D

Hi Carl,

Good question. We have an Elmer Net the first and third Wednesday...

I really don't see why it wouldn't work. Feed it with one of Dennis'
64:1 Baluns, and off you go. Definitely look at spots where the
insulation may be pinched (thin) by metal staples, as it might arc
through, and you've already identified the end as a trouble spot. If
nothing else, at QRP levels, what harm could it cause?

I've done something similar. Made one (1) contact on 160 meters by
shorting the center conductor to the shield of my 40m dipole, and using
the feed line as a vertical with a big (65') capacitance hat on top,
against the shack's ground system. The contact was in Reno, right
before Field Day one year. Basically, if it's wire, it will radiate

Greg KO6TH

carl.wf6j@... wrote:


I’m asking an Elmer Question - Around my place there are several “old” cables from old satellite dish units. One runs along the backside (15’) a cross the front (25’) then down the inside (30’). I have been “removing” all the old wiring so that my landlord can repaint the place. Took off a lot of old telephone & TV coax, but left this one as a possible antenna… at least it can be a good long wire for receive.

SO the question… has anyone had success running the shield as an antenna? Assume it would be run through my tuner as a long wire. Know that I need to pay attention to the ends (insulation wise). It does not cross over any other wiring or power lines. As it is under the “peak” it’s about 10’ to 18’ above the ground,


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