Re: FCC License Fee Proposal Comment #QST

Greg - KO6TH

Hi Dennis,

I'm not sure what the best approach to take in this...  The twisted backronym name of the act that precipitated it, the
“Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act” of 2018, appears to me to be intent on reducing the current occupancy of the spectrum, in order to re-allocate ("repack") it for other uses.  Pointing out that the fee will accomplish that goal is telling them that they are exactly right in imposing it, for the purposes of the act.  That's not the outcome we want.

I think, perhaps, a better approach might be to focus on the value that the Amateur Service creates for the country, and that replacing that value through other services would be more expensive than keeping our community intact and vibrant.  Instead of instituting a fee, they should encourage the Amateur Service by removing any and all impediments to its growth.  If this is about money, what's better than free?

Just my opinion,

Greg  KO6TH

Dennis - WU6X wrote:

My comments to the FCC proposal. Feel free to copy and paste into your comment to this proposed change.

"I am strongly apposed to the proposal to charge a fee for amateur radio licenses. Amateur Radio plays a significant role in providing disaster communications support throughout the USA. Most amateur radio licensees are of an age where it is becoming more difficult to participate in these events, making attracting new licensees of primary importance. This new generation will be significantly impacted by a licensing fee and would likely not pursue an amateur radio license at all. I am deeply concerned that the effect of a fee will significantly reduce the number of amateur radio candidates coming from generations to come, and recommend no fees be charged."

Dennis, WU6X

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