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Jeff - KM6RGO

Good question Aaron,

I have been looking for our IRS Tax determination letter and it does not appear to be in the file.  The Ca Franchise Tax Board Determination letter from 2010 does not specify whether we are a 501c3 or other.  I seem to remember while filing, that we are a 501c3, however, paperwork that I have (tax fillings) does not specify status and proof, the moment, is filled away somewhere.  I will confirm our status with the IRS and request an updated IRS determination letter for our records.  This has proven to be a necessary exercise.


Jeff, KM6RGO

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Hello Aaron,

I have asked our club's treasurer Jeff, KM6RGO to comment on this.

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What type of not for profit is SFARC? Does the club have a copy of SFARC’s tax exempt status designating it as 501c3 or 501c7? I would like to see a copy. A review of the By-Laws states SFARC is organized for the benefit of its members, thereby suggesting it is tax exempt under 501(c)7 not 501(c)3. Even though both of these types of not for profit organizations are exempt from paying income tax, the difference is important as one is a “charitable organization“ where donations to it are tax-deductible and the other is not. A 501c7 exists for the benefit of its members, whereas a 501c3 exists for the benefit of the public.


On Sep 14, 2020, at 12:14 PM, Brian Gohl - AI6US <ai6us@...> wrote:

Hello SFARC Members,

Please find the attached Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club by-laws document (rev 7) accepted by the board on September 11, 2020. We are referring the revised by-laws to the membership for your review, comment and recommended for acceptance at the October 9th, 2020 club meeting. Please contact myself any of the board or directors if you have any questions or comments on the revised by-laws document.

Thank you to Tyghe - W6TJR, Earl - K6GPB, Orion - AI6JB, Jim - WA8MPA, Nathan - K6NDC and Gerry - WA6E for your work in updating this document! 
Brian- AI6US
<Rev7_SFARC ByLaws.pdf>

Brian- AI6US

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