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An organization such as our club does not have to be a 503c or 501c7 to have a not for profit IRS Not For Profit Status. Many Rotary Clubs (as an example) do not incorporate to achieve that avenue of status. It is expensive to maintain such a status despite non profit corporate status being available to acquire some form of 503 or 501 status. 
The current club status is accomplished by a mere filing designation with the IRS. 
It is ok as is.


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On Sep 14, 2020, at 8:54 PM, Aaron K6ABJ <aaron@...> wrote:

Here is an example of the letter I am requesting from the SFARC. Note, in the upper right hand corner of the letter regarding the North Hills Radio Club, that it is exempt under Section 501(c)(7). Based on the verbiage of the SFARC’s bylaws, I suspect the SFARC is also exempt under section 501(c)(7).


<501c7 Charter - IRS.PDF>

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