JS8Call - More Fun Than Watching Cement Cure #digital

Dennis - WU6X

Hi Gang,
I was introduced to JS8Call this morning by a friend in the UK, and had it downloaded and running with my TS-480HX in about 15 minutes. The rest of the 1/2 hour was learning how to make a QSO. For those of you looking for a fun digital mode to try, this mode actually allows you to type messages back and forth during the QSO. Waaaaay more fun than the WSJT-X "cement cure" mode. Since JS8Call is based on WSJT-X, all the settings are the same, so radio setup is quick if you are already on that mode.

Anyway, if you want to download and try it go to: http://js8call.com/ and then to the download tab to get the version for your device. My first QSO was with Ted-KJ6NON on both 40m and 20m and, after a little elmer'ing by him, was up and running in no time.

Hope to see you on JS8Call
Dennis - WU6X

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