Up now on YouTube: CQP and Field Day 2020 wrap up videos!

Greg D

Hi folks,

Just posted to YouTube are the videos of this month's SFARC General Meeting presentations to the club's YouTube channel.  If you missed the meeting, or want re-live the experience, you are cordially invited to take a look:

California QSO Party 2019 Wrap-up:  Orion AI6JB gives us a review of the club's participation in last October's (2019) CQP event.

Field Day 2020 Wrap-up:  And in the long-anticipated report on this year's Field Day event, Orion AI6JB gives away Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes! in his summary of the event's magical 24 hours.

And, a bonus!  Brian and Gerry took the Abbree Antenna out for a spin, to see how it measures up.  Here's their report:


Greg  KO6TH

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