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New Hope for Cycle 25?

A group of scientists is contradicting "official" forecasts and predicting "that Sunspot Cycle 25 will have a magnitude that rivals the top few since records began"


Developing a "Sun Clock" to Predict Solar Storms - Some of the same researchers who are predicting a higher-than-average Sunspot Cycle 25 have also developed a "sun clock" to help predict periods of high solar activity 


Anchorage VEC Goes to All-Electronic Testing - All exams administered by group are now paperless, using a web-based platform for both exams and paperwork


More Than 70 Speakers Scheduled for "Virtual Ham Expo" - Online event August 8 and 9 also drawing major manufacturers


2021 Events Shaping Up as Mix of Online and In-Person Gatherings

- ARRL picks Orlando Hamcation as 2021 national convention; Visalia DX convention to be virtual; Dayton selects new Hamvention leaders


CQ 40 ... MHz, Not Meters - Hams in three European countries - Ireland, Slovenia and Lithuania - now have access on a secondary basis to frequencies in the 40-MHz, or 8-meter band 


Rescue Radio - Two medical emergencies and a disabled sailing vessel have happy endings due to ham radio


W5KUB's Balloon a World Traveler - High-altitude balloon launched by "Amateur Radio Roundtable" host now on its 4th trip around the world


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Summertime Tropo for VHF/UHF DX



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CQ  August - sneak preview


New Hope for Cycle 25?


"Peanut" for Amateur Radio


Results: 2020 CQ WW 160-Meter Contest


CQ Reviews: Midnight Design Solutions "Phaser" Transceiver



An Adjustable Voltage Add-On for Your Power Supply


ABCs of EmComm Abbreviations


Ground Planes and Gigahertz


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