Grid Tracker #digital

Orion, AI6JB

Hey everyone!

Scott, N3FJP, the creator of Amateur Contact Log, i.e. the Field Day software we use, just posted on his support site a request for help to document Grid Tracker configuration with his software.  He has received good reports about the software and wants to integrate it with his.

I looked it up.  Really Cool!  This software is a companion to WSJT-X FT4/8 and will listen to WSJT's decodes and post them up on a world map in REAL-TIME.  I haven't tried it out yet, and I will, it supposedly it posts all the decoded signals and shows them on a map so you can see the grids from which you are receiving signals.  A visual version of the decode window?

If you are interested, the Grid Tracker site is  Under the downloads, they have Windows, Mac, and Linux.  

Enjoy!  Let us know your feedback if you get a chance before me to download and put it to use.

Orion, AI6JB

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