Re: Antenna Modeling presentation video up on YouTube

Phil - KM6NFS

Thanks for posting this Greg.

Orion, I was really inspired by your presentation and got motivated to post some info about one alternative to the antenna modelling software you demonstrated. I've been looking at Python programming language libraries that wrap the same NEC2 code that many of these antenna modelling apps use. One benefit is that you can programatically try lots of different design variations quickly once you have your app coded. I've even seen an example in which they used AI to optimize designs. The problem I had was that the library wasn't very easy for me to understand, and there weren't a whole lot of example designs to start from. So what I did was mix a few of their examples and pull the design parameters to the beginning of the app, so I could easily scale or adjust them. I also went through each of the library functions I used and added comments describing all the required parameters.

I put the code on my github site:

The code is pretty rough right now, but it seems to work. If any want wants to kick the tires, I'd appreciate any feedback. If anyone needs help getting started with the library or the example program, please feel free to contact me. Even better, if someone wants to contribute more examples of different antenna designs, I'd be happy to host them on github.


Phillip KM6NFS

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