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Brian Gohl - AI6US

Hello Mark,

Every point counts toward the aggregated club score. :)

On N3FJP Cabrillo submission page, you will note that it states that the Cabrillo form is no longer directly submitted for the ARRL Field Day from N3FJP and to instead to generate the "Dupe" file from the tab at the bottom of the page.  Press the Dupe button and save the Dupe file to your computer. Open the summary page report to see your breakdown by band and mode if you need a further breakdown of your contacts by band and mode.

Open the ARRL Field Day submission link:
then click on the Go To Data Entry button. 

Fill out the online form, claim your bonus points (attach documentation if requested).

Enter the QSOs and Power by Band and Mode. and attach the Dupe file (or a Cabrillo) 

Verify that you complied to the rules, then submit the entry.

If you need any assistance with the submission, give me a call.

Best Regards!
Brian Gohl - AI6US
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On Sun, 28 Jun 2020 11:54:38 -0700, Mark Koehler <mwkoehler@...> wrote:



First thanks for the help and pointers in getting started in my first field day. It forced me to learn a lot about my radio and setting up an adhoc antennas for HF. I built a modified Fan Dipole that gave me 40m, 20m and 15m access to a limited degree. I could not generate enough signal to punch through the noise. But I learned that with a pile of speaker wire, some PVC and a lot of patience you can make an HF antenna which was a lot of fun.


As to the log,


I tried submitting through N3FJP, file->write Cabrillo so I clicked that and it says they don’t want that so I don’t know. I’m just skipping the whole ARRL submittal thing, sorry, just too confusing for a first timer.


The log (see attached) generated by Cabrillo(?) does not seem to have what you needed.  I grabbed a list from N3FJP that seems to have what you needed, pasted it into Excel and attached it here. Hopefully that is okay.


I show 5 contacts, I also touched base with Brian a couple of times over the 24 hours, which reassured me that I was actually transmitting ;>}


Thanks so much for pulling this all together and answer my questions.


Mark W2MWK






Brian- AI6US

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