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Brian Gohl - AI6US

Submitted my FD 2020 log to ARRL, 3820Scores and SFARC. Noted Sierra Foothills ARC in my submissions for the aggregated scoring.

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On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 11:37:16 -0700, Orion, AI6JB <ojendres@...> wrote:

Just for fun, post your Field Day scores to and be sure to say you are a member of "Sierra Foothills ARC" in the club field. is an unofficial scoreboard that Contesters use to post their scores after a contest.  It allows you to see how you did immediately because getting official score results usually takes weeks if not months.

It will break-down the scores by Class & Power, score, and even individual.  It also has a feature to compare your score against others.  One of my favorites is reading everyone's comments.

Speaking of Clubs, be sure to include "Sierra Foothills ARC".  You can then search in your browser other members who posted.  So far, Dennis, WU6X, and W6EK are the only two who have posted.  So get your callsign up there too.  If you are curious, WU6X beat W6EK by a differiental of 3 to 1 :-(

Again, the url is  If you have any questions on how to post, let me or Dennis know and we can walk you through it. 

Hope to see your callsign up there soon!

73 Orion, AI6JB

Brian- AI6US

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