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Richard - AA6RS

I was going to work in some 2m ssb contacts but the thought of a manual entry made me think twice. As it is, I generated a “dupe sheet” from the n3fjp results and attached it to the entry form. But I can’t submit! Don’t know why. Anyone have suggestions?

ARRL ought to give a trophy if you work all sections. 

Rich AA6RS


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On Jun 28, 2020, at 12:04, Greg D <ko6th.greg@...> wrote:

 Hi Mark,

I'm trying to figure out the log thing too, combining what WSJT-X created with what I have on paper from phone contacts.

One note on your submission...  The club is Sierra Foothills ARC.  Foothills should be plural.

Good luck!

Greg  KO6TH

Mark Koehler W2MWK via wrote:



First thanks for the help and pointers in getting started in my first field day. It forced me to learn a lot about my radio and setting up an adhoc antennas for HF. I built a modified Fan Dipole that gave me 40m, 20m and 15m access to a limited degree. I could not generate enough signal to punch through the noise. But I learned that with a pile of speaker wire, some PVC and a lot of patience you can make an HF antenna which was a lot of fun.


As to the log,


I tried submitting through N3FJP, file->write Cabrillo so I clicked that and it says they don’t want that so I don’t know. I’m just skipping the whole ARRL submittal thing, sorry, just too confusing for a first timer.


The log (see attached) generated by Cabrillo(?) does not seem to have what you needed.  I grabbed a list from N3FJP that seems to have what you needed, pasted it into Excel and attached it here. Hopefully that is okay.


I show 5 contacts, I also touched base with Brian a couple of times over the 24 hours, which reassured me that I was actually transmitting ;>}


Thanks so much for pulling this all together and answer my questions.


Mark W2MWK






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