Now the hard part...

Greg D

Hi folks,

So with Field Day 2020 in the rear view mirror, the hard part starts...
preparing the logs.

I have a combination of WSJT-X contacts (33) on the computer, along with
paper logs (23 + 1 satellite *). WSJT-X appears to be able to export
the logs in Cabrillo format, but how can I add my paper logs to them?
The common format might be a spreadsheet, a combination of the wsjtx.log
file copied into a spreadsheet, with the paper entries added by hand,
then exported to a text file. There's also the bonus points, for
Winlink messages, ARRL Bulletin, etc.

Does that work for both the club and ARRL?


Greg KO6TH

* Yes, one satellite, K5TA in NM! Actually there were two, but I
can't find the other station's call (ended in either RR or MM) among my
scribbles, and I didn't remember their exchange. Note to self: Get an
audio recording of everything. I have the equipment; use it!

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