Re: ZOOM Room #fieldday

Gary - KB7QWC

Hi Alan,

   No special settings.  Just set a meeting for 11am Saturday until 11am Sunday.  Gave out invites with password and that’s all.  Did not disable Zoom Rooms so that’s an option as is chats.

   Did not distribute invites to the general public to keep the visibility low.

   That’s it.  Should be fun.  Go for it.  I actually have two locations at home so mine is up and running now as I do some testing.  You can set another person as host if you want a break.



   …Gary, KB7QWC  WREN366

      Foresthill, CA


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Hello All,

Is the "Zoom Room" you're setting up basically a standard Zoom Meeting set for 24 hours duration?

Any special settings you're using to set this up?

Can participants link up for one-to-one chats within the Zoom Room?

I've been asked to set up something similar, using my paid Zoom account for the El Dorado Club

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