In Memory of Veterans past

Jim - N6MED

I offer this link to a piece that Andy Rooney did Memorial Day, 2009.

From Wikipedia on his WWII service.
Mr. Rooney began his career in newspapers in 1942 while in the Army where he began writing for Stars and Stripes in London.[4] He was one of six correspondents who flew on the second American bombing raid over Germany in February 1943, flying with the Eighth Air Force.[5] He was the first journalist to reach the Ludendorff Bridge after the 9th Armored Division captured it on March 7, 1945. He was 32 km (20 mi) to the west when he heard that the bridge had been captured.[6][7][8] "It was a reporter's dream," he wrote. "One of the great stories of the war had fallen into my lap."[9] The bridge capture was front-page news in America.[10][11] Rooney rated the capture of the bridge as one of the top five events of the entire European war, alongside D-Day.[6]

He was one of the first American journalists to visit the Nazi concentration camps near the end of World War II, and one of the first to write about them. During a segment on Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation, Rooney stated that he had been opposed to World War II because he was a pacifist. He recounted that what he saw in those concentration camps made him ashamed that he had opposed the war and permanently changed his opinions about whether "just wars" exist.

Rooney was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal and Air Medal for his service as a war correspondent in combat zones during the war.

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