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Jim - N6MED

Sorry if I lacked clarity in my first response.

1. The "dust mask" so far as I can tell is made of paper and less porous than the pleated cloth mask and, IN MY OPINION the better option. My wife wears the dust mask when she has ventured out to shop. A cloth mask, again, IMHO, would be better suited for one who is infected and coughing or sneezing. It's all about blocking cooties from gozinta or gozouta, whichever side of the mask you are on.

2. If one ventures out to shop, wearing gloves ("inspection" or "exam" gloves, whether nitrile, vinyl, or even latex) might be useful if you have open cuts or sores on your hands. But, simple course would be to use those wipes stores make available to wipe off the grocery cart handle/push bar. Just go for t a wipe that is still wet. After wiping, give it a few moments to dry.

Watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta, MD last eve, he brings his groceries into his house and divides his kitchen counter into  "dirty" and  "clean" halves. Ref:

My wife leaves all but the cold stuff in our garage for 48 hours then uses those household wipes (the ones that claim to kill 99% of cooties) on the packages before bring them inside. And, she has her shopping clothes left in the garage, changing before she comes in the house.

Else, IMHO, your plan looks good to me, especially the part about hand washing!

3. Nice offer from your daughter's boyfriend. But where have his hands been? Is he as attentive to social distancing and hygiene as you are? If my Valery wasn't going out to shop (and she is r-e-a-l-l-y careful in a store). I think using Bel Air's (and Raley's) on-line shopping and home delivery would be  a great solution. Dennis / WU6X can offer first hand experience there.

Jim / N6MED

On 4/5/2020 2:11 PM, Greg D wrote:
Hi Jim,

Ok, so let me ask a little differently.  Given that I strongly do not believe that I have been exposed - been at home with only the cat for the past 3 weeks except for one outage a week ago to get cat food (did a parking lot pickup) - then should I:

a)  Wear the "dust mask", or
b)  Make a cloth-based pleated mask as shown in the NYT article (

Is either choice about the same?

Second question... 

I've not seen much by way of guidance on the use of gloves.  Presume yes.  I have a box of the blue "Nitrile" type.  Put them on when I exit the car, shop, take them off (taking care not to touch the outsides) after putting stuff in the car and dumping the cart back in its corral.  Use brown paper bags instead of the reusable plastic kind (virus life is shorter on cardboard).  Wash hands when I get home before and after I put stuff away.  Good plan?

Third question (sorry!)...  My daughter's boyfriend is offering to go shopping for me.  But I'm thinking it would be safer for me to go by myself during Safeway's "old folks hours" (Tues / Thur early morning) than for him to come up from the Lincoln area to Auburn to shop, or to shop down in Lincoln and transport the groceries up to Auburn.  I.e., best not to travel between the two areas, especially when there are specific hours at the local Auburn store dedicated to higher-risk folks.  Yes?

Thanks for the guidance,

Greg  KO6TH

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