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Jim - N6MED

Gentlemen, thanks for sharing all.  There is a lot of info and videos "out there" re rolling your own. Folks seem to be paying more attention to mask construction and little to proper donning and doffing. With all the video in the media of folks wearing masks, from Asians on the street in the home countries to even docs in a US ER, it's very apparent (to this retired professional, at least), that folks aren't wearing masks correctly.
Proper fit is equally as important as constructing an effective mask, for, if you don't put it on properly all your construction efforts will be for naught.

When "donning" (putting on) a mask, regardless if it has ear loops or a pair of ties, the malleable strip of metal at your nose must be formed across your nose bridge using two fingers to form it on both sides of your nose.Do NOT pinch the metal piece between your thumb and forefinger to form it else a gap will be formed with a resulting air leak.

If the mask has ties, first secure one around your neck fitting the mask under your chin, pull upper part of the mask up over the bridge of your nose, then secure the second tie above your ears and behind your head.

Humor me: I've included a couple of video links that show proper procedure for donning and doffing "surgical" masks.

Donning and Doffing Facial Protection (mask)
Mask with ear loops:
With ties:

Blue shop towels as an an improved material over cotton for home made mask:

Caution: Do not use hepa filter (e.g., Kirby vacuum hepa filters) to make a mask:
(I didn't know this and, other than what this particular MD says about hepa filters, I cannot attest to the use of fiberglass in the construction of hepa filters.)

Stay well, everyone!
Jim / N6MED

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