Re: 1:1 Choke Location on Beam Installation

Brian Gohl - AI6US

Thank you for your replies. Great information and references.

Wow!!! The K9YC link has an incredible trove of information. I think that I will be referencing that site often! Thanks Dennis!

Thank you Jef for the feedline length explanation. The hexbeam is 6m-20m, but in testing the 6m band, it is very inefficient and will likely not be used much. Your examples certainly confirms the concerns regarding the interactions of a radiating jumper on other frequencies. I will be using a 2 foot LMR-400 jumper to place the isolation choke weight near the bottom of the hexbeam center post, use a 3 foot LMR-240 UF coax jumper for the rotor loop then a barrel to transition to the LMR400 run to the shack.

Thanks again!
Brian- AI6US

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