OpenSPOT2 Lesson Learned

Gerry - WA6E

I've enjoyed being on the road with my OpenSpot2.  It's fun to be here in Arizona and to hear what's going on back at home.  But here is something I learned the hard way about the OpenSpot2 and I pass it along in the hope that it might save somebody a headache.

Sometimes the OpenSpot would lose the connection with my Verizon Jetpack.  I would walk into the motorhome and it would be saying "Openspot trying to connect to Wifi" or something like that.  This went on and on and on.  I would have to reset everything several times to get it to work.  A little research discovered that the OpenSpot will only work on channels 1, 6 or 11 in the 2.4 GHz wifi "band."   I had my Jetpack channel selector set to "various."  I think what was happening was the Jetpack would sense interference on whatever channel we were on and move to a channel unsupported by the OpenSpot.  All my other wifi devices would follow the change but the OpenSpot would not.  So I changed the Jetpack to stay put on Channel 11 and all has been well since.

If you have this problem I would suggest you avoid channel 6.  I believe just about every wifi device comes with channel 6 as their default channel.



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