Floods. Fires. Blackouts. (and the roll of ham radio repeaters) Oh my. Assistance needed in Formulating Organized Guidance (FOG) #volunteer #wanted

Scott M Vogelsang

It has long been my experience that volunteer efforts that are a benefit to a society of affluence, or a governmental agency with taxing authority, will often be supplanted by commercial interests for profit. Hearing the message(s) from repeater vault management it comes down to a matter of dollars - not sense. Much of the same can be said for hand held microphones and HT's in moving vehicles.

There are several things for which I am asking the ham radio community's assistance:
1) Does anyone know the section of State Law(s), State Regulation(s) and/or Departmental Guidance from which CalOES, Cal-Fire, CHP, DGS, California National Guard, et.al., draw upon to make decisions to exclude free rack space from non-profit volunteer public service organization (maybe a public safety militia?) or, in the alternative charge commercial rent for the rack space?

If we don't like to way the game is played on us there is a way to "change the rules" to benefit hams AND the public interest. It will likely take a politician somewhere and making them look good when we will do the (legal framework) draft policies/regulations. We can make this a Win-Win.

2)  Does anyone know the code section § of State Law(s), State Regulation(s) and/or Departmental Guidance from which DMV, CHP, et. al. where hand held communication devices are a) defined and b) restricted use?
This one may be tougher since many emergency services are transitioning to inter-operable wear-able hands-free communication devices. I still see this as a worth while endeavor. Likely the best approach is also to raise awareness within the ham community of the benefits of hands free adaptation of current mobile equipment and current state-of-the-art utilization and future design necessities.

I need community input, please. 
And thanks in advance.

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