Re: Shingles and not the composition type

Gerry - WA6E

Got mine a couple of months ago - a couple of months apart.  Arm got sore, of course, but the next day I was lethargic and felt as though I was coming down with the flu.  Day after that - all was well.  Shingles can be painful.


On 10/8/2019 1:32 PM, Michael - KK6GLP wrote:
Got mine (first shot) an hour ago. Beats getting shingles.


On Oct 8, 2019, at 12:45 PM, Jim - N6MED <n6medjim@...> wrote:

A bit off topic (ok, a whole lot off topic) FYI, but a nota bene to my brother vets in the club who might not already know: the VA had finally received the recombinant Zoster (Shingles) vaccine (trade name Shingrex). Even if you've already gotten the "Zostavax" live shingles vaccine, you would benefit from the two-injection series of Shingrex due to its 90% efficacy against getting shingles.

Be nice to the nurse or murse who gives it to you. You don't want him/her to tap the needle on the table before sticking it in your arm...

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