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Gerry - WA6E

So is this an opportunity to perhaps make lemonade out of lemons?  By this I mean are there USFS or CalFire radio vaults around that we should be looking at in our quest for a better repeater site?  It sounds like they would still be receptive to a good public service argument for allowing us in to such a site.


On 10/4/2019 7:11 AM, Carl - N6CKV wrote:
From Greg KG6SJT or SEC

Here is a bit more information about the possible removal of a repeater in Shingletown
Our Section Manager Carol, Milazzo, KP4MD,   contacted Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT, Pacific Division Director and he replied:
…This issue arose in Socal 5 to 10 years ago. They have been able to address the issue as follows:
Overall -

The State of California has not made any determination we can find  "that Ham Radio [is] no longer a benefit."What happened is that CAL FIRE has transferred responsibility for its communications sites to its property management department.  That department has the task of evaluating each site, its condition, use and tenants.  If a repeater not known to be associated with the emergency management function of a local jurisdiction is found in a CAL FIRE vault, the default action is to move it out or subject it to commercial rental rates.

Our contact in the California Office of Emergency Services suggests that, if any affected repeater is in any way involved with local emergency or government support activity, they should ask that agency to engage with CAL FIRE concerning the repeater.  If the agency makes the case, there is a good chance that the repeater will be unaffected.

Their advice is not to elevate this to State Legislators or the Governor's office. In Southern California, wherein sites managed by the U.S. Forest Service have required repeater owners to post bonds to cover the dismantling of their sites if they cease operation. Negotiation has resulted in considerable easing of the original requirements and a modification of terms to help mitigate the short-term financial impact on those repeater owners.

Hope this helps.

Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT
Pacific Division Director

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