Re: California ends Amateur radio Support


Bob I appreciate your candor and share your sentiment regarding the benefit amateur radio has provided to this state and indeed the whole country in times of emergencies and disasters. 

This Cal Fire manager is obviously badly informed if she believes technological advances have rendered amateur radio emergency services unnecessary. 

The recent debacle with “hands free” law that effectively made it illegal to use a hand held microphone in vehicles ( other than commercial public safety) is a blatant example of knee jerk legislation that is detrimental to amateur radio. I feel that this is a trip down the same road. The ARRL was asked to help with the “hands free” legislation but chose not to. 

The federal government has long recognized the benefit to the public that amateur radio provides. Apparently there are those in agencies and government in this state who don’t.  

On Oct 2, 2019, at 8:21 PM, Bob Brodovsky <k6udaradio@...> wrote:

Gavin is the CEO of the state. all decisions ultimately land at his feet. I was pissed when I made it, I’m still pissed now and I will not apologize or politely sit down. I never mentioned anything about ARES, RACES or any local group. To me, the attorney’s letter was well thought out, organized and much more cohesive than my rant. This isn’t about one group or one repeater owner either. It’s about all of the affected repeaters and communities around them. My intention wasn’t to make this political beyond letting other California hams know what is happening and maybe get some of them to write a letter to help support the cause. As for my open letter to the ARRL, what exactly have they done for us? HOA parity? went nowhere. I’d like to see the ARRL get off their asses and start earning the dues they get from the membership. 
I understand that the old school hams are quite peaceful gentlemen who don’t rock the boat. I’m not built that way. I’ve got a platform that I built and I’m using it to express MY opinion. Nothing more & no apologies. 

Bob Brodovsky (K6UDA)
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On Oct 2, 2019, at 11:15 AM, Chris Robinson KF6NFW DMR ID 3153250 <kf6nfw@...> wrote:

I appreciate the conversation guys!

I was broadsided with the video this morning from a club member in another radio club in midwest. I assumed at time of post this was another "Hate on California" video and rant, like so many others I see and hear in my line of work. As I work in Emergency Management, I am always looking to foster relationships with the amateur radio community. when I hear of stories like this, I often question the source and motives.

 In this particular case, I was unable to find anything anywhere about this situation. I hope we are able to follow it, and learn from this. It may affect other clubs later as well. I dont know how this all plays out, but if the states starts monetizing towers and demanding payment from ham clubs, I am concerned about the level of support the clubs could offer in future as a result.

I know from my perspective, I will be watching this. if California moves forward and defends such, I could see other states attempting this as well. cities and counties are strapped for cash and are looking at anything they think will gain them even $5. 


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