Re: California ends Amateur radio Support

Chris Robinson KF6NFW DMR ID 3153250

I appreciate the conversation guys!

I was broadsided with the video this morning from a club member in another radio club in midwest. I assumed at time of post this was another "Hate on California" video and rant, like so many others I see and hear in my line of work. As I work in Emergency Management, I am always looking to foster relationships with the amateur radio community. when I hear of stories like this, I often question the source and motives.

 In this particular case, I was unable to find anything anywhere about this situation. I hope we are able to follow it, and learn from this. It may affect other clubs later as well. I dont know how this all plays out, but if the states starts monetizing towers and demanding payment from ham clubs, I am concerned about the level of support the clubs could offer in future as a result.

I know from my perspective, I will be watching this. if California moves forward and defends such, I could see other states attempting this as well. cities and counties are strapped for cash and are looking at anything they think will gain them even $5. 




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