Re: California ends Amateur radio Support

Alan Thompson

All I've seen so far is that there is a pending issue with Cal Fire sending a letter out to some Ham Radio Clubs stating that they will now need to pay for their co-located repeaters, with a ridiculous initial price tag of $7,500 plus monthly space rental: 

Here is the text of the email from CalFire, sent to me by Tom Twist of the Shingletown FSC:


Communications Received by Repeater Owner from Lorina Pisi, T&V Manager at Cal Fire.

“Hello [name deleted]:
I do understand and appreciate all of the service you have provided in the past. However, with
constantly changing technological advances, there is no longer the same benefit to State as
previously provided. Therefore, the Department no longer financially supports HAM operators
radios or tenancy. If you desire to enter into a formal agreement to operate and maintain said
equipment, you must complete and submit attached collocation application along with fee as
outlined on page one of application.

There is cost associated with getting an agreement in place. In addition to the technical
analysis fee ($2500/application), there is DGS Lease admin cost associated (typically between
$3000-$5000) with preparation of lease. Also, there will be an annual rent charge based upon
equipment type/space.

Please let me know how you wish to proceed. If you determine the cost is too great to proceed,
please make arrangements with me to remove equipment. If you still have questions, please do
not hesitate to ask. I am much more readily available via email.

Lorina Pisi
T&V Manager
Technical Services - Lands
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460
1131 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811-6524
916-324-3400 (fax) Exhibit         

I recommended they get the ARRL involved as soon as possible. Given the fire danger in California, this is unbelievable.

Alan Thompson -  W6WN

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