Re: California QSO Party (CQP) 2019 #contest

Skip - K6DGW

Should anyone be interested in activating rare Tulare County in the CQP, you might contact Dean, N6DE, the CQP Coordinator for NCCC. Note: I'm NOT making the following up -- US Tower offers a 60' [I think] trailer mounted crankup, installed by them for your use. You provide the tri-bander, coax, and radios. In addition, the tower will be set up at their facility in Tulare County adjacent to their "hotel" [remember, I said I was not making this up] with normal hotel facilities for a team. I think there may also be some food involved. The cost is a nominal $0. The offer may have already been snapped up, but it would be worth a check if there's interest in a rare county expedition. You can contact Dean at cqden6de@...

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