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Jef - N5JEF

Carl -

The book looks like it focuses on those core topics that are so often misunderstood yet shared in Amateur Radio circles.

Thank you very much for sharing this!

- Jef

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Hello all,

Yes this is a commercial, but this is a great book.  Good deal. Would be a nice addition to any Ham’s library (or our lend library)

Carl, WF6J

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By Lew McCoy, W1ICP, SK

Unlike many technical publications, Lew presents his invaluable antenna info in a casual, non-intimidating way for anyone!      
Here's a look inside:   
Chapter 1 - Some Basic Facts About Antennas  
Chapter 2 - Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) and Matching  
Chapter 3 - Decibels 
Chapter 4 - Transmatches 
Chapter 5 - Wire Antennas  McCoy book
Chapter 6 - Feed-Line Radiation Problems 
Chapter 7 - Some Basic Antennas 
Chapter 8 - Multiband Antennas 
Chapter 9 - Multiband Rotatable Beams  
Chapter 10 - One-Element Rotary Dipoles  
Chapter 11 - Some VHF Antennas 
Chapter 12 - Multiband Mobile Antennas  

This 112-page, 8.5 X 11 Paperback and CD are in stock and ready to ship.  

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