Re: Antenna Analyzer

Ken Crouse

If anyone is interested in purchasing a RigExpert analyzer, I have a strong recommendation for which is PNC Engineering in Carmichael (as opposed to one of the main typically used ham radio equipment vendors). Michael N6MQL is the main guy there and is great to work with - plus he’s local to the greater Sacramento region which isn’t an option we often have. Met with him a couple of times with questions and to pick up my analyzer to save shipping. He’s also a key member of the W6SFM club in Carmichael and the instructor for the CW class several of the W6EK members have taken. Very easy to reach via the number posted on their website or the website’s Contact page. He’ll gladly review the different models so you are getting the right one for your needs and go over pricing. With mine he also added a few things at no extra cost (connectors, case, etc.)

73, Ken K6KEC

(916) 220-0085

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