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Bruce Anderson


Are you going up in your jeep?

On 9/12/2019 10:40 AM, Brian Gohl - AI6US wrote:
It is easy to join in and support the VHF contest even if you only have a basic mobile HT. Many stations will be active and monitoring the 2m and 70cm FM simplex calling frequencies between 11am Saturday and 8pm Sunday. 

Put your call out several times on 146.52 or 446.000 FM. The exchange is easy, your call and your current grid square (4 character).

You don't need to submit a log to give the contesting stations credit.

Hope to work you this weekend or stop by Duncan Peak Fire Lookout. While I have seen crazy people driving small city cars to the lookout, I would recommend either a 2-wheel drive with medium ground clearance or park city cars at the lookout intersection and walk up to the tower (approx. 1/2 mile).

Best Regards! 
Brian Gohl - AI6US 
(916) 770-7751 cell

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From: "Orion, AI6JB" <ojendres@...>
Date: 9/12/19 9:29 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [from W6EK] September ARRL VHF Contest #contest

Hello SFARC,

This weekend is the ARRL September VHF Contest.  It is a fun low key contest that anyone with a 2m/440 radio can participate in.

Brian and I have Clyde's permission to use the W6EK callsign for the contest.  We also have permission from the Forest Service to operate at the Duncan Peak Lookout!!  This promises to be an awesome location with line of sight to the coastal range, north towards Redding, and south towards Stockton.  From here, you can hit our repeater with an HT using 1 watt.

Everyone is welcome to join us.  Duncan Peak Lookout is only 45 minutes from Auburn at the end of Foresthill Road.  FREE RV & tent camping is available at the Robinson Flat Campground a very short distance away.  Come for a few hours or the whole week.

We plan to run Multi-Operator Limited.  We will have at least two radios going and four antennas up:  2m 12 element Yagi, 2m/440 X50 vertical, 2m J-Pole, 6m Inverted V.

If you plan on coming, we'll save you a seat.

Brian, AI6US, and Orion, AI6JB
Brian- AI6US

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