Re: Backup hurricane communications plan

Greg D

Clarification from Phil:

I am currently in FL and will deploy in the morning to Treasure Caye and Nassau island to set up two HF stations with one other operator. 

Anyone able to monitor and relay missed traffic will be appreciated.

Greg  KO6TH

Greg D via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi folks,

Phil, AA5EX (brother of club member Chip) will be deploying to Florida
to help with the hurricane communications, and has asked me to forward
the following information to the club. 

If you have the equipment, he would appreciate having some ears open out
here on the West Coast as a deep backup for the Hurricane net, in case
propagation prevents the primary stations closer in from receiving their
transmissions.  Note that the primary frequencies are both within the
current Amateur Extra license class.

The communications plan will be as follows:

Top of the hour:  20 meters
  Primary 14.165 (Extra license),  Secondary 14.230 (General license)

Bottom of the hour:  40 meters
  Primary 7.165 (Advanced/Extra license), Secondary 7.230 (General license)

Phil's email is copied, above, if you have any questions.

Hoping everyone back there remains safe. 

Greg  KO6TH

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