Northern California WinLink net / week of 01 - 07 September

Ken Crouse

W6EK family - For those who are operational on WinLink, I'll be the temporary net control manager on the NorCal WinLink net this week and would appreciate your check-in's - nothing like trying to run up the numbers for W6EK recognition!  If new to the net, please let me know with a quick message via WinLink to K6KEC indicating "new to NCALWLINKNET" so we can add you to the net's roster.

The easiest means of checking in is to use the template created specific for this purpose. To access the template, download the v7.9 "NorCal Check In" file:

If more convenient to check in without the template, send a WinLink message to NCALWLINKNET where the body of the message is a single line message consisting of:

Callsign, First name, City, State abbreviation in CAPS (ie CA), session type, client program used if other than Winlink Express, thru gateway, and band used if by HF radio or frequency if by VHF/UHF.

Example: K6KEC, Ken, Folsom, CA Packet WinLink, K6SAT-10 on 144.910  (or K6KEC, Ken, Folsom, CA Packet WinLink, K6SAT-10 via WS8ER-7 (if using a digipeater) on 144.910)

You'll receive an acknowledgement of each check in. Please use a different path each time.

If you'd like some assistance of different paths, HF options (ARDOP / VARA modes), etc. feel free to reach out to me either via Winlink at K6KEC or my e-mail of k6kec@.... Glad to set up a time to chat to walk anyone through the check in process or just provide a list of possible paths from the greater Auburn / I80 corridor. More info about WinLink may be found at:

On background WinLink is a messaging system used by the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and The Tevis Cup - both events heavily supported by W6EK personnel and the club repeater.

73 from down the hill in Folsom
(916) 220-0085

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