Re: Tower Removal Assistance Needed @ KD6ZSL QTH

Aaron K6ABJ

Hello Brian,

7am on the 3rd works for me.

Aaron Jones, K6ABJ

On Jul 23, 2019, at 10:46 AM, Brian Gohl - AI6US <ai6us@...> wrote:

Eldred - KD6ZSL is putting his home on the market very soon and has asked that I remove the tower ASAP. I will need to put the tower into storage, so the job is only to diassasemble and load the tower onto a trailer. The tower is a 65' crank-up / tilt-over that is lowered to approx. 21' and is ready to tilt over and disassemble. Is anyone available for about 4 hours to help me dissassemble and load 330lbs of galvanized steel onto a trailer? :)

I was thinking about starting early (7am???) on August 3rd, Saturday to beat the heat. Am flexible on the date and time. Let me know what will work for you.

Coffee, donuts, OJ and water will be provided.

Thanks for your consideration in helping me on this project.

Here is a photo of SFARC members putting up the tower 19 years ago.


Brian- AI6US

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