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Aaron K6ABJ

Note, the staffing/radio Excel sheet sent by Brian is for last year's race.  Some of the information is out-dated. 

Not only is the information for Last Chance apparently out-dated, but the information for Dusty Corner's is as well, and I am sure this is not all. 

I have the Dusty Corners station for 2019, and as of right now am the only one working it. Matt, KK6UMJ, shown on the 2018 sheet, will not be there this year.  If someone has an interest in working Tevis, when e-mailing the radio race coordinator for Tevis, Randy Hackbarth, KD6MWI (c 530-383-1193, radio@...) feel free to ask to be paired with me at Dusty Corners.  Dusty Corners is the station just before the Last Chance station which Ken K6KEC has. This will be my first time working Tevis, but I have worked the WS100 and other races, so I have experience and would welcome an experienced or new ham. Dusty Corners will be using a 2 meter analog phone rig, as well as a 2 meter Winlink (digital data) rig. You are wanted at Dusty Corners by me regardless of your experience level, but you must sign up through Randy. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me.


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