Re: Dust Control for Field Day

Brian Gohl - AI6US

I have a 50 gallon poly barrel to haul water. Could attach a water pump and garden hose if we could get a proper ratio with a hydro mix/applicator. 

The mix would be applied about 1 gallon per 20sf, so really needs a good heavy application that soaks the soil. The backpack application would be very labor intensive. 😯

Based on our FD experience with the Sac astronomy and private astronomer, Richard, not sure if any one (except USFS? or not) should be involved in a decision that affects our usage. We are talking about approx. $50 initial product application, $25 annual reapplication cost plus our labor. I spend that much on fuel to round-trip! LOL! BTW... the lease is only for the building and/or pads and not the common use areas. 

Without regular watering and maintenance, grass cover wouldnt seem to be a suitable method for the location. Mats would require hauling and storage.

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Looks very promising.

I suppose worse case we could use the backpack sprayer(s) like the orange one I had up there... it does have a broadcast-type spray nozzle.

Hopefully someone has something better, but it's do-able. It'd be a good arm workout - haha.

Another question is how to get that much water up there.

- Gary  KC3PO
Brian- AI6US

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