Re: Volunteer Opportunity - Tevis Cup

Ken Crouse


Jeff - When checking out the website / e-mailing the ham radio coordinator ( Randy Hackbarth, KD6MWI, c 530-383-1193, radio@... ) , feel free to ask to be paired with me. I have the Last Chance station which is roughly half-way through the race. Probably start ramping up plans in the next week or so and drive out there to test a few things the weekend of 27-28 July. I'm reaching out to the person who had it previously for a download of lessons learned, etc.  Although this is the first time I’ve worked Tevis, I’ve been involved with WS100 for several years so am familiar with the location, etc.  Cut-off time at Last Chance is 1510 hours so we’ll likely be out of there by 1700. Glad to chat at your convenience. 73, Ken K6KEC (916) 220-0085

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