locked sticky Re: ECHOLINK Connection Notes #elmer

Greg D

Thanks for the write-up, Dennis.  I think the key to clearing up connection issues is the connection to the Echolink test server.  I didn't even have to interact with it, just connect and disconnect, but it's a good test to do.  Relay setting may or may not be required, depending on your internet connection apparently, but it didn't seem to hurt.  Something to try both ways if you're having trouble.

Greg  KO6TH

Dennis - WU6X wrote:

Echolink users via W6EK-R should note the following connection procedures when connecting via the W6EK repeater via smartphone:
  1. Ensure the Echolink software on your phone is set to RELAY in the Settings Tab.
  2. Connect to the Echolink TEST Server, under the Stations Tab, before trying to connect to W6EK-R
  3. If you are able to connect and interact with the Test Server, disconnect and then re-connect to W6EK-R
This process appears to offer the most reliable connection process for most users. Please let us know via this post if you have any problems.

Dennis - WU6X

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