Re: Upcoming Event: Elmer Net - Wed, 05/15/2019 7:30pm-8:30pm #cal-reminder

Ken Crouse

I may not be able to tune in due to the pending weather and I took my main antenna down. However, would like to pose a question relating to the painting of antennas to reduce their visibility.

I recently put up a Diamond X-50 omni on the roof of our garage and was over at my neighbor's yard - the antenna is very noticeable and stands out against the tree backdrop, etc.   I'd like to paint the antenna either a non-reflective black or dark brown to match the trees in the background. I understand that I should use a non-metalic paint so went down to the local hardware store. I came across the Krylon Fusion line. Since the employee at the hardware store couldn't answer my question about metalic properties, I e-mailed Krylon asking if the paint was non-metalic and this was the essence of their response:

"... Since we use raw materials, there could be trace amounts of metal in the paint...."   I'm not sure what impact "trace amounts of metal" may have.

Also, here is a link to the MSDS sheet for the paint:

Q: Does anyone have experience painting antennas and if so, which line of paints did you use? 

Thanks, Ken K6KEC

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