Re: KJ7BBN - New Extra Class - 9 years old!!

Dennis - WU6X

Also, click the link to her school on her QRZ site. The school and a teacher are really promoting the hobby.
It is so discouraging that our own Sierra College in Rocklin let the ham station there go to seed. No teacher to push it and no one to keep it operational. I tried to interface with a couple teachers there in the "technical programs" to see if the our Club could assist them to get it going again. Since K6ARR passed, the "red tape" to get things going, like repairing the yagi antenna, are insurmountable.
I suppose the next step might be to talk to the person in charge of the entire school and campus, but it would likely require someone on Staff that is willing to be responsible for the station and/or even develop curriculum. This would be a very cool place to do for VE sessions, wouldn't it?
I might have been interested at one time, but my California Teaching Credential has expired and the rules and regulations for getting re-instated are again, insurmountable! Welcome to California regulations!
Dennis, WU6X

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