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Brian sounds like you need to buy more. Thanks for the idea 

73's Peter K2LRC
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On Feb 5, 2019, at 10:06, Brian Gohl - AI6US <ai6us@...> wrote:

Place your order at under the charity selection, type "Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club".

My purchases have contributed $.97 so far (yes, that is a whopping 97 cents)! :)

Best Regards! 
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Gary, I tried three different ways and none came up with club. Did I do something wrong? Thanks...

-73- Peter K2LRC
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On Feb 5, 2019, at 03:37, Gary KC3PO <kc3po@...> wrote:

A few minutes ago, I hit the "place your order" button on Amazon and at the same time threw a few nickels SFARC's way.

How many of you know about "Amazon Smile"? In a nutshell, Amazon Smile is a program that allows you to make a small donation (0.5% of the purchase price) to the charity of your choice.

Now... those of you who know about Amazon Smile... how many know that SFARC is on the list? (In the system, it's spelled out: search for "Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club")

If you didn't know about Amazon Smile, go to and check it out. Adding a charity does not increase your cost... it simply redirects some money to your charity. Consider setting SFARC as the charity! After you've got your charity set, simply continue to go to instead of and shop as usual.

If you knew about Amazon Smile but didn't know that SFARC was on the list... again... consider setting the charity to SFARC.

73 Gary KC3PO

Brian- AI6US

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