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Scott -

By the way, when I was hired, I too had a commercial FCC license and Amateur Extra, and had been self-employed doing something very similar to business development for the previous ten years. 

I've been a technical geek (especially radio and software development) pretty much all my life, but had little direct experience with P25 besides being familiar with the theory and programming some radios for the fire department. Networking experience I gained in the course of business, but I was never an assigned radio or IT professional.

I can say that the position requirements describe the hypothetical "ideal candidate", and everyone is different.  If you're interested, go with what you have and throw your hat in the ring...  

- Jef

On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 8:58 AM Scott Michael Vogelsang <s.m.vogels@...> wrote:

I am interested in this job, hold an FCC Commercial Radio License as well as an Extra class ham ticket.
I do not have recent experience in the field they are asking and very little P-25 experience.

Can you assist me in getting experience and/or a foot in the door here?
I have been transitioning from working in business development in the SF Bay Area since 2013 and have recently moved back to Roseville with my wife... we are both starting again in Placer County.

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