Re: [W6EK] [HFpack] NVIS isn't an antenna

Jef Allbright

Joe -

I'm glad you liked it.  I liked it too.  That why I forwarded it, written by Bonnie Crystal  KQ6XA.

Bonnie is very active in amateur Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), Portable HF, and Selective Calling (SELCALL) as well.

- Jef  N5JEF

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 2:07 PM Joe Ramirez <kn6fhjoe@...> wrote:
Jef, I love what you wrote about NVIS isn’t  an antenna.I would like your permission to make a copy for my self.I think every new ham in our club should have a copy.Thank you jef.   

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