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Absolutely awesome.  Thanks for sharing Carl.


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As you may know, ARES and other Aux Comms in Oregon just completed their Fall 2018 SET. There were some "normal" challenges in the SET and one complex contingency task. The contingency task was nicknamed the MacGyver task and it generated a lot of enthusiasm. In it, all the antennas from the county EOC have been blown off by a micro-storm, adding to the difficulties of the primary SET scenario. Counties in Oregon competed with themselves and with each other. The requirement was to get a message to W7GCO in Grant County Oregon by three unique hops. Some did this in three or four hops and one county sent a slightly different message twice using three different unique hops. All together there were over 30 different methods used by 15 counties. In the case of Multnomah County ARES, they made it more complicated and designed a plan to use 11 hops. The attached photo, as described by Deb Provo, the Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Multnomah County ARES, "is a picture of many smiling faces after last hop was completed".


In my opinion, this photo is emblematic of what is best in amateur radio and should be shared widely. It added a lot of joy to our emergency exercise.


You have permission to use this text and this photo as best serves the needs of ARRL and the greater amateur radio community.


Beside this wonderful photo, here is a link to a video they put together: Multnomah ARES 2018 Fall SET


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Steve Fletcher

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