Re: Back From PacifiCon 2018 #volunteer

Alan - W6WN

Hi Gary,

You and I share the same challenge, balancing our hobby against our home and work obligations. I can understand why so many of us got into this hobby when we were kids and then got out of it for years while we launched careers and raised families. A comprehensive, 360° program is going to take a group effort to be effective. Especially any program that involves school presentations would most likely need to be scheduled during school hours. 

I'm still some years away from retirement, but I'm willing to at least help start the process now and see where it leads. I've already started a list of tasks that don't involve a lot of face time. Much of this involves expanding what the Club and its Members are already doing:

  1. Identify local school contacts and resources
  2. Learn what they're already doing with science and technology
  3. Develop a mailing list
  4. Develop a brochure specifically for schools, highlighting local resources they can share with their students
  5. Develop a short, general presentation about radio, and the role local clubs play.
  6. Develop and promote hands-on license application training programs
  7. Expand our existing programs to recruit Exam Applicants,
  8. Develop a follow up program to encourage newly-licensed Hams

Best Regards,

Alan Thompson - W6LAN
enior Technician
El Dorado Networks

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