Re: Back From PacifiCon 2018 #volunteer

Gary - KC3PO

I'd be willing to pitch in on the Ham Class Instructor route as long as I could work it into my schedule. I don't have any realistic room for the rest of this year, but there will be some things falling off my current burden beyond that. I've taught electronics and test equipment topics before, so no big deal there.

I think offering workshops is a very good idea - my first club in Colorado Springs gave classes for Tech and General and there was good participation.

I'm already a VE, but not very active... mainly due to compatibility with my current schedule.

STEM... well, I'm always interested in supporting STEM, but I'd have to see what that entails and it would be limited by my availability as well, so it just depends... but I have some interest in it.

- Gary  KC3PO

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