Re: Jamboree On The Air - Philippines - Echolink

Brian - AI6US

Was asked how to contact via EchoLink, so here is an overview:

Log into the Echostar software and look through the station list for DX7HQ (Dumaguete, Negos Oriental, Philippines). Connect to DX7HQ and call "CQ JOTA station DX7HQ".
We will be doing final radio set-up starting at 4pm PDT (Friday) and listening for JOTA calls starting at 6pm PDT. I'll be helping out until midnight PDT. 
If you want to test, give me a call in advance on the DX7HQ EchoLink repeater, DU7/AI6US. Remember, 00:00 UTC is  8am local time, so don't get too crazy with the hour for contact. :)
Brian- AI6US

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