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Bruce - K6BAA


If your concern is an antenna sticking out of your roof, consider a "Ventenna". Attaches to an existing roof vent on your house. No one will know the difference. Dual band too!


On 10/9/2018 8:08 PM, Robert Vaughan wrote:
Dear GARY,

Thank you for your advice. I am going to consider it. I already have
power to the place. In fact, it’s a power pole that I own that has
wires going to the PG&E pole.  Currently, I have a dsl modem at the
pole. The poll is mine, so I believe that I can attach an antenna to
the top of it.

I may just talk to the local repeater or possibly more than that.
Even, HF in the future, if I upgrade my license.

However, the ICOM radio that is priced at $12,000 is out of my league.
I am not sure whether the lesser costing ICOM VHF/UHF radios have the
same capability.  It’s beginning to look like there may be more
difficulty in this project than it’s worth.

I may be vain, but I don’t necessarily want a radio antenna sticking
out of my roof. Although I have a weather station and solar panels.
This would add another utility item.

The power pole where I would like to place an Antenna is hidden in a
forest of trees and not easily seen from most areas around my home,
but the trees are not tall enough to interfere with the radio.


Robert Vaughan,

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