CFF Cycle for Life #volunteer

Michael - N6MRP

October 7, 2018: The Club provided communications support for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Cycle for Life bicycle event. We have supported this event for many years, and CFF values our contributions.

A big thanks to the following people who volunteered! Photos are posted at

Net Control Shift 1: Greg KO6TH, Joe KN6FH, Nathan K6NDC

Net Control Shift 2: George KG6LSB, Al NI2U


Rest Stop 1, McBean Park: Jeremiah W6DLO

Rest Stop 2, Lavender Farm: Jim WA8MPA, Jeff KM6RGO

Rest Stop 3, Newcastle: Richard WA6RWS, Jon KF6LMD, Talia KM6UMY

Rest Stop 4, Fire Station: Richard KI6UOV


SAG Vehicle 1: Ed W6OSC

SAG Vehicle 2: Les KG6NME

SAG Vehicle 3: Jason N6JDX


Event Coordinator: Mike KK6GLP

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